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Sneaky Ways to Get Fit (Friday)

For Shannon Jay Dougherty any time—and any place—is good for a workout. On Sharecare you can find her video blogging about exercising in unexpected locations such as the zoo or a gas station and getting pumped up with unconventional objects such as a wheelbarrow—or even her daughter.

Though her methods might seem unusual, Dougherty delivers solid fitness and nutrition advice whether she is blogging about not being afraid of heavy weights or discussing why women should strength train and how to make exercise fun.

For this Fit Friday post, she took time out from her pumpkin pushups and playground pull-ups to tell us more about her fitness philosophy.

Day Job: Personal trainer and certified athletic trainer.

Secret identity: Dougherty is also a fitness and lifestyle model and a bikini competitor.

Weekend plans: “Coach my 4-year-old son’s soccer team, family gym time, BBQ and play with kids at the park.”

Personal Mantra: “Quit talking about it and do it.”

How she started her fitness journey:  After having two children Dougherty found that she had gained 50 lbs. She redefined her healthy lifestyle with consistent clean eating, weight lifting, cardio and out–of-the-box workouts.

How she practices “clean eating”: “It’s a lifestyle that keeps you lean, healthy and full of energy. It’s all about eating foods in their most natural state.”

Is passionate about: Motivating women and moms to live a healthy lifestyle

Healthy living tips: “It starts with a good attitude. Eat clean during the week, and enjoy a splurge meal on the weekend. Plan, prepare and package your food for the week ahead. Move 5-6 days a week; don’t be afraid to lift heavy weights. Set goals and share with others to hold you accountable. Don’t take yourself seriously.”

Healthiest things she does every day: Smile and drink lots of water

Weight-management secret: “Make movement fun. You don’t need to spend countless hours in a gym to be healthy and get results. Exercise at the park while your kids play or workout at home using household items. Be creative and enjoy life.”

Items always in her fridge: “Eggs, BBQ chicken, Greek yogurt and veggies”

Favorite exercises: “Jumping Lunges”

Most unexpected workout equipment: Extension cord, wheelbarrow!

What she loves about “The ability to connect with and motivate people from all over the world. People from all walks of life can ask questions and not be judged. It’s an amazing support system for people trying to better themselves.”

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