May 2012 07

My food prep begins with a trip to Costco where I purchase most of my protein, berries and veggies. I come home, let me kids run wild and begin my cooking frenzy. It takes me about an hour to create in the kitchen, because I have one speed with everything I do. Super Shannon Speed. 10 things going at once. My kids love my Food Prep day because I don’t parent much during that hour. They have a blast destroying the house (Shh, don’t tell my husband), and not hearing the usual, “Stop, No, or Please Behave”.  It’s a win- win situation. I get to cook healthy foods that will help me reach my goals and my kids get to run wild in the house without me interfering.

I marinate my chicken in Balsamic Vinegar, Stone Ground Mustard, Worchestire Sauce, Salt, Pepper and any other seasonings I feel like using. After grilling the chicken, I weigh of 4 oz.  using my food scale and baggie. All the little baggies, I put in one large freezer bag which I store in the freezer. This makes eating  clean on the go or in a pinch very easy. On the stove are freshly baked Turkey Burgers which I will package and freeze as well. The bowl has a few  dozen hard boiled eggs that are chilling in an ice bath. I find it’s easier to peel eggs when they are very cold.

Meal preparation has made everyone I have helped extremely successful in reaching their goal. If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. I will not let you fail. Get cookin!

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