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Jan 2013 13


We are so excited to bring you, a community of moms who support each other in an effort to eat clean, live fit and be amazing. Just a few weeks away, get excited.

Love Your Body!



Jan 2013 01

A brand new exciting year is ahead. My gut has a really good feeling about 2013. I’m physically and mentally ready to attack another productive and rewarding with my family, friends, fitness and businesses. Yes, businesses. I have decided to join forces with with a dear friend and fellow fitness model mom, Kim Miller of

Come Janaury 2013, will launch! An extension of our current brands, Fit Mom Diet will offer healthy recipes, fitness and wellness information, inspirational stories and overall tips and tricks to living am amazing life. We are very excited about our recent partnerships with companies & this week we signed on with our first magazine to deliver regular features on healthy cooking and wellness! Mommying is the hardest job you’ll ever love and having a support network makes all the difference. Stay tuned for information on how you can join the Fit Mom Family in the new year!

With that being said, it’s time to toss the junk, sweets, treats, and any additional holiday goodies that are tempting you. Make room for your clean eats, healthy snacks, veggies and lean meats. Get grocery shopping and prepping your food. Get ready to start Jan 1st off on the right track. Are YOU ready?

Nov 2012 18

They Holidays are just around the corner. Time to start thinking about gifts for loved ones. Instead of useless junk or buying gifts with no meaning, consider giving a HEALTHIER option like the ones I have listed below. Encourage your family friends to got from FAT to FIT.

Nov 2012 05

You can almost expect to experience Low Back Pain at some point in your life. Weather you pick up  something the wrong way, overtrain, sleep funny, or just tweak it, Low Back Pain can be hard to shake. With just a few simple stretches, you can minimize your pain in no time. Movements that we do on a daily basis without even thinking include flexing, extending and rotating the waist, using many muscle groups. Before you head out the door for your next run or busy schedule, give your back a little TLC with these 2 effective stretches.

Standing Biceps Femoris Stretch:

Set Up:

• Stand with your feet and body straight ahead facing a chair or stool about 12 inches high.

• Place one foot on the chair at a 45 degree angle across your body and clasp your hands in front of your body.


• Rotate your arms away from the leg you are stretching.

• Keep belly button in tight and squeeze the quad of the leg you are stretching.



Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch: 

Set Up:

• Kneel with front  and back legs at 90 degrees.

• Turn your back foot pointing out


• Draw in belly button, squeeze butt and place hand straight overhead.

• Rotate and open up your body slowly as you lean forward until you feel the front hip being stretched.

• Hold for 30 seconds


Nov 2012 02
A year ago, I started creating momentum to follow my dreams. I never imagined I would be asked to grace the cover of a magazine, displaying my love and passion for health and fitness. I am so touched to be on the first cover NASM’s magazine- The Training Edge. Check it out Thank you National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)


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