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May 2012 02

Today I decided to change things up and give my legs a little more conditioning than normal. My goal is to lean out the thigh area by adding a day of Body Weight Leg exercises. This routine took 45 minutes to complete. I chose 10 lower body exercises and did 100 reps of each exercise. Yes, if you are good with math, that equates to 1,000 Reps. If you are a beginner, chose just 5 exercises and compete 50 reps each. Start off slow and build up to 1,000 reps. All of these exercises you can find on my website under EXERCISE: Glutes or Legs Section. Best part about this workout, you can do in the comfort of your own home. NO EXCUSES!!





-Curtsy Lunge


-Step Up

-Side Lunge

-Walking Lunge

-Floor Bridge


-Wide to Narrow Squat Jump

-Ball Hamstring Curl

-Donkey Kicks

May 2012 01

Can we talk about ATTITUDE for a minute?  It’s been on my mind lately and I want to share my thoughts. This is a little off the charts from my normal motivation, exercise and clean eating tips, but an important topic in my eyes.

I meet various people, especially in the fitness industry that are successful professionally, financially, have an amazing figures, beauty and more. Yes, that sure sounds like a well-rounded person, until they open their mouth. Have you ever seen a person with a bad attitude? Tone of voice tells others about your attitude. Your attitude can change quickly if you let it. Remember, you are in control of how you act, sound and come across to others.

A Bad Attitude is not who I am and or who I want to be associated with. This ONE DETERMINED CHICK will not allow ATTITUDES to get in the way.  As Albert Einstein says, “Weakness of ATTITUDE becomes weakness of character.”

So go have a great rest of your day. Smile and adjust you Attitude if it needs it!

Apr 2012 30


Photographer Jorge Muxica with has earned a new nickname, “Mr. MAGIC”. I was honored to shoot at Pagago Park with Jorge and watch him work his magic behind the lens. He refers to his sunset shoots at the Magic Hour and you can see why with the lighting at dusk.Not everyday do I get to hike boulders in a swimsuit, heels and hoops to take photos. This image is just one of many he captured last week. I will post more images to my GALLERY soon. Thanks Mr. Magic!

Apr 2012 30

As you know, I prepare my food in bulk for the week ahead. Turkey Burgers are a family favorite, even my kids love them. Each time I make them I use up veggies in my fridge. There are not too many rules with making these patties, just keep it clean and add the ingredients you prefer. Here’s my creation below. Enjoy cold or warm!


•1.25# Ground Turkey (97/3 or 99/1 lean)

• 1 c Onion, 1/2 c Bell Pepper sauteed in Balsamic Vinegar

• 1 Tbsp Worchestire Sauce

• 1/4 Cup Flaxmeal

• 1 Tbsp Garlic minced

• 2 Tbsp Parmesan Cheese

• 1 Slice Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel Bread, cubed

• Garlic Salt, Pepper, Cajun Spices


Combine and make 5 patties. Bake at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes. I will enjoy for lunch tomorrow with spinach, cherry tomatoes and mustard. The perfect meal.




Apr 2012 29

“You will be proud to know that I have been doing amazing following my meal plan. I even went to lunch at Red Robin with the family and brought my own food…lol…last Sunday I started at 131lbs and today, with my flat stomach, weighing in at 125.5…..I can’t thank you enough. No more cravings, complexion is great and feel GOOD”- Suzanne Riggio

** This is why I do what I do. People like Suzanne who ask for help, follow the plan I give them, trust what I have to say, and get the results they have dreamed of. You too can get results like Suzanne if you just ask for help. Way to go girl!

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