If you are looking for someone to hold you accountable and help you reach your health and fitness goals, Shannon is the one for you. She has helped me stay fit and has transformed my mindset of what living healthy should be.               – Janet Gretzky

I have been working out in gym’s my whole life and have always been the 3 sets of 10 guy waiting for my favorite machine to open up, then I started working with Shannon and she showed me to think outside the box that we have all been stuck inside. While working with Shannon she taught me to expand my workouts from single muscle movements to whole body movements that be can done anywhere. If you want to work with someone that challenges you with every workout while having a great time, Shannon is the person for you!                                                                                               – Keith


I have been following Shannon over the past year at the suggestion of a mutual friend, I have found her posts so inspiring and motivating great workout tips for busy working moms. Just when I need encouraging she’s got something for me.I signed up for the 30 day September challenge and won to my surprise I didn’t go the challenge to win but to motivate myself to get fit and healthy. I incorporated the Isalean shakes for breakfast and lunch giving 2 small snacks of yogurt almonds or protein in between followed by a healthy dinner in the evening.  I was so surprised but how filling the shakes were nothing like any others that left me starving. The shakes really did most of the work losing 6 lbs in the first week! I worked out on average 3 days a week depending on schedule. Shannon’s workout plans are easy to follow I love her website too if I’m not sure of the resistance moves I can watch one of her videos on you tube. I’m still on my fitness journey with Shannon looking forward to month 2 and reaching my goals.     -Maggie Hoover

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